The Fake Government Shutdown, aka ClubMed

The Fargo Forum, aka Washington Post of Fargo, decided to abuse President Trump and Republicans over the fake government shutdown. Here is the identical headline of the story which appears in both the Fargo Forum and Washington Post:

While federal workers go without pay, senior Trump administration officials poised to get $10,000 raises

Here are the facts behind every government shutdown since at least 1980.

  1. Shutdown is a fake name. For now, let’s call it ClubMed.
  2. One party cannot ClubMed the government unless that party disagrees with itself by not voting its majority.
  3. Federal workers who are not paid during the government ClubMed are always paid when the government returns from ClubMed for the time they did not work while on ClubMed! Face it, it is a paid vacation. Now you see where I got the name ClubMed.
  4. Oh, and during the ClubMed, guess where Congressman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went to start her ClubMed? Hawaii! Where did President Trump start his ClubMed? At the White House waiting for petulant Democrats to negotiate an end to ClubMed.
  5. Those pesky raises mentioned by the Trump-hating Washington Post are normal. So will the raises be for all the ClubMeders when they return from ClubMed. The raises kicked in when the Democrats decided to not approve the House bill to fund the government.
  6. Those who work for the government but don’t get to ClubMed are busy defending our freedom, e.g. Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Border Patrol. They are considered essential personnel.

The Senate Democrats could have avoided all of this ClubMed business if they had approved the US House’s bill to fund the southern border wall for $5B. That’s a rounding error in the December 2018 farm bill of $867B.

So, when the Democrats are telling the Media and the Media is telling you that evil President Trump and the evil Republicans are responsible for the government ClubMed, you will know better. Forgive me for overstating the situation, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has offered 100 cents for funding the border wall. There, true bipartisanship.


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