Europe is Dying

Europe is dying. Literally. The birthrate does not sustain its current population. The symptoms and reasons are patently obvious. People value things more than children. People have lost their Christian faith. Abortion and contraception are rampant. The Cathedrals will close. The churches will close. The schools will close. Housing will slump. Some countries may hang on a decade or two more than others. But Europe is coming to an end because Europeans have rejected God and children.

A new Europe is emerging. The Islamic population is having children at 4-8 times the rate of native Europeans. Muslims are heeding the Word of God to be fruitful and multiply. They are religious. They love big families. Whether they can sustain their fertility rate in the face of European materialism is yet to be seen. Outside forces such as politics, economics and international security may influence the obvious trends.

Not only are the current Muslim populations in all European countries reproducing at astounding rates, there is a massive influx of Muslim immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

This did not start a few months or a few years ago. It started decades ago. Fr. Paul Marx, deceased, of Human Life International was showing us this trend in the 1970s. Interesting, Fr. Marx was a Benedictine monk from St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN.

The following video demonstrates the reality of population dynamics in Europe.

In all of Europe, national politics are being shaped around illegal immigration. PolandHungary and now Italy have seen anti-illegal immigrant candidates elected to office. Those elected are shaping their nations in much the same way President Trump has shaped America since becoming President; perhaps even more so.

But can stopping the tide of illegal immigration help those countries regain their prominence in Europe? Not without a rise in population and a return to the values that made Europe Europe. In other words, Europe needs to invite God back in to their lives, their homes and their families.

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